About Me


I was born in Monticello, Ga. My father was in full time ministry. I was in church ALL THE TIME growing up. Not until I became an adult and looked back over my life did I really appreciate the experiences I had and understand how they influenced me. My Heavenly Father, the church, my music, the piano ………my spirituality, were all intertwined and in some ways, inseparable. My most meaningful worship experiences have always been when I am alone with God….at the piano.I started playing the piano when I was seven years old. I would sit at the piano and play whatever was sung or played at church that day by ear. I was extremely shy, and the piano was my refuge. The piano is still my refuge!

When I was fifteen, I had already written numerous songs and piano pieces.  Since I lived in what was then a small town, there was no opportunity to study music seriously. But before I turned 16, a community college was built just miles from where I lived.  Then I began to take piano lessons at the age of 15.  It took a lot of patience to learn to read music at the level that I had been playing for years. However, I really began to love classical music and after a few years of study I was accepted at the Peabody Conservatory of Music in Baltimore, Md. where I was a Piano Performance Major for two years. I also studied Composition privately while I was a student there. My love for the piano and for writing and arranging have always​ gone hand in hand.  Although I enjoy performing, I am most happy sitting at my Kawai Digital Piano with headphones on, in my own world !…….. creating… I have had numerous songs recorded by Cal IV Entertainment (formerly Chestnut Mound) in Nashville, TN. I have also had choral and piano music published.

For more information about featherlitemusic contact me at: Ksongs99@aol.com

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