a ministry of hope .. in grief


“We Shall Behold Him”

Featherlitemusic is a ministry dedicated to helping those who struggle with grief. After the loss of my mother in 2010 and my father just eleven months later, I began to experience the healing power of music in a powerful way. During this time of intense grief, I recorded a CD called “Serenity.” This original piano music was written out of a deep longing for a renewed hope in the reality of heaven and the reassurance that I would in fact see them again one day.

Music is a miraculous gift given to us created by God Himself. It has the ability to bring healing to our deepest hurts. It cannot take away all of our pain and our sorrow, but it can soothe our spirits in a unique way at times when we have no words to describe what we are feeling.

I still grieve. I still struggle; but I have found that His grace truly is sufficient. My prayer is that you will find peace here. May God bless you in your journey through grief.

2 responses to “a ministry of hope .. in grief

  1. I like your new message and am sure your ministry will be what so many people who are dealing with grief will be interested in learning more about. You are already a blessing to so many and I.m sure you will bless many more in the future with your Featherlite web site.

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